IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 63

Q1: It is also called heart of computer.
  • a) memory 
  • b) monitor 
  • c) CPU 
  • d) printer

Q2: A character is represented in EBCDIC by
  • a) one bit
  •  b) four bits 
  • c) eight bits 
  • d) sixteen bits

Q3: It is the data recording area between the blank gaps on magnetic tape.
  • a) record 
  • b) block 
  • c) field 
  • d) platter

Q4: Which one is responsible for co-coordinating various operations using timing signals?
  • a) ALU 
  • b) CU 
  • c) MU 
  • d) RAM

Q5: Who is the contributor for the idea of the stored program?
  • a) Charles Babbage 
  • b) John Von Neumann 
  • c) Howard Aiken 
  • d) Pascal

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