IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 64

Q1: What does the control unit do?
  • a) monitors the flow of information 
  • b) control the printer 
  • c) control the user 
  • d) communicates the result

Q2: It is a card printed on one side and carrying the equivalent magnetic data on the other side.
  • a) punched card 
  • b) magnetic ledger card 
  • c) magnetic disk 
  • d) floppy

Q3: The number of bits stored per unit length is called as
  • a) bit density 
  • b) bit area 
  • c) bit rate 
  • c) all

Q4: A memory system that allows only serial access is called
  • a) RAM 
  • b) SAM 
  • c) ROM 
  • d) volatile

Q5: Which technology is used in typical hard disk for storage mechanism?
  • a) laser 
  • b) magnetic 
  • c) chemical 
  • d) optical-mechanical

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