IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 65

Q1: The first Intel Celeron processor was not popular as expected because of
  • a) errors 
  • b) excess heat 
  • c) no level 2 cache 
  • d) expensive

Q2: Which of the following is not image file extension?
  • a) tmp 
  • b) gif 
  • c) jpeg 
  • d) bmp

Q3: The Intel Pentium bug was an issue with
  • a) cache 
  • b) socket 
  • c) FPU 
  • d) price

Q4: The sudden stopping of computer working is said as
  • a) crash 
  • b) hang 
  • c) boot 
  • d) virus

Q5: What is process of recording data called?
  • a) storing 
  • b) writing 
  • c) reading 
  • d) burning

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