IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 72

Q1: What is the computing and communication technologies combined used for?
    • a) data sorting 
    • b) data searching 
    • c) data communication 
    • d) all

Q2: Which of the following is not regarded as pointing device?
  • a) mouse 
  • b) joystick 
  • c) light pen 
  • d) graphics tablet

Q3: Which usually appears in the shape of an arrow?
    • a) pointer 
    • b) marker 
    • c) cursor 
    • d) indicator

Q4: The mouse that has a ball on the bottom of it
  • a) wireless 
  • b) cordless 
  • c) optical 
  • d) mechanical

Q5: The camera that records recordings on a disk instead of a film.
  • a) video 
  • b) digital 
  • c) traditional 
  • d) photosensitive

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