IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 73

Q1: A device that convert a sketch into a form that the computer can understand.
  • a) touch screen 
  • b) plotter 
  • c) digitizing 
  • d) all

Q2: XGA card supports:
  • a) 16 colors 
  • b) 256 colors 
  • c) 16.7 billion colors 
  • d) 16.7 million colors

Q3: Which is not impact printer?
  • a) dot matrix 
  • b) thermal 
  • c) line 
  • d) all

Q4: Another termed for processed data is:
  • a) processor 
  • b) storage 
  • c) data 
  • d) information

Q5: What is a pixel?
  • a) the smallest resolvable part of a picture 
  • b) a picture stored in secondary memory 
  • c) another name of picture 
  • d) none

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