IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 88

Q1: Which key is used to cancel a selection or a procedure?
  • a) spacebar 
  • b) esc 
  • c) arrow 
  • d) enter

Q2: The mouse that functions on light sense.
  • a) mechanical 
  • b) wireless 
  • c) cordless 
  • d) optical

Q3: Instead of mouse, which of the following is used to control pointer by rotating a ball?
    • a) trackball 
    • b) touchpad 
    • c) joystick 
    • d) all

Q4: The device that is operated by moving across text and images.
  • a) mouse 
  • b) light pen 
  • c) camera 
  • d) scanner

Q5: Which of the following is not considered as scanning device?
  • a) light pen 
  • b) bar code reader 
  • c) MICR 
  • d) OCR

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