IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 9

Q1: Golf ball printer is another name for
  • a) laser printer 
  • b) daisy wheel printer 
  • c) dot matrix printer 
  • d) line printer

Q2: What is the laptop series manufactured by IBM called?
  • a) lappad 
  • b) thinkpad 
  • c) notepad 
  • d) notebook

Q3: During the normal booting, which of the following is active first?
  • a) RAM 
  • b) CMOS 
  • c) ROM BIOS 
  • d) keyboard

Q4: How many characters can be coded in ASCII-8 and EBCDIC?
  • a) 7 
  • b) 128 
  • c) 256 
  • d) 65536

Q5: Which of the following allows adding components and capabilities to a computer system?
  • a) storage device 
  • b) expansion slot 
  • c) system board 
  • d) operating system

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