IT Fundamentals (Online Practice) Page 95

Q1: Which of the following printer works like a photocopy machine?
  • a) inkjet printer 
  • b) bubble printer 
  • c) laser printer 
  • d) dot matrix printer

Q2: The printer speed of laser printer for microcomputer is upto:
  • a) 400 ppm 
  • b) 200 ppm 
  • c) 100 ppm 
  • d) 32 ppm

Q3: How many types of plotter are there?
  • a) 2 
  • b) 3 
  • c) 4 
  • d) 5

Q4: Which one is used to print continuous output such as to track an earth quack?
  • a) laser printer 
  • b) drum plotter 
  • c) inkjet printer 
  • d) thermal printer

Q5: What is a person responsible for the analysis of the system known as?
  • a) programmer 
  • b) system analyst 
  • c) software engineers 
  • d) IT manager

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