MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: An organized collection of logically related data is known as
  • a) data 
  • b) meta data 
  • c) database 
  • d) information

Q2: Which type of field is incremented automatically?
  • a) auto elevate 
  • b) auto number 
  • c) auto increment 
  • d) auto value

Q3: Which of the following is not a database application?
  • a) dbase 
  • b) flash 
  • c) FoxPro 
  • d) access

Q4: How to limit the value to 0 and 1 only of the field ‘Marital Status’?
  • a) by setting required to ‘Yes’ 
  • b) by using default value 
  • c) by defining validation rule 
  • d) all of the above

Q5: What is maximum length of text field?
  • a) 512 character 
  • b) 50 character 
  • c) 255 character 
  • d) unlimited

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