MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 14

Q1: Which is not the method of creating form?
  • a) auto form 
  • b) design view 
  • c) form wizard 
  • d) design view wizard

Q2: A field property that bounds the field value.
  • a) validation rule 
  • b) validation text 
  • c) format 
  • d) input mask

Q3: OLE object can store graphics, sound upto ...... GB.
  • a) 1 
  • b) 2 
  • c) 3 
  • d) 4

Q4: Which one is used to create a field that allows choosing a value from another table?
  • a) OLE 
  • b) lookup object 
  • c) hyperlink 
  • d) relationship

Q5: In a datasheet, what does each column represent?
  • a) record 
  • b) field 
  • c) database 
  • d) table

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