MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 15

Q1: In which of the following data can be entered?
  • a) design view 
  • b) datasheet view 
  • c) format view 
  • d) a and c

Q2: Which of the MS-Access object is used for data processing?
  • a) form 
  • b) table 
  • c) query 
  • d) report

Q3: It is collection of data or related information.
  • a) dbms 
  • b) access 
  • c) foxbase 
  • d) database

Q4: Primary key cannot contain ......
  • a) unique value 
  • b) null value 
  • c) numbers 
  • d) both a and b

Q5: Which of the following is not a relational database?
  • a) dbase iv 
  • b) FoxPro 
  • c) reflex 
  • d) oracle

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