MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 32

Q1: Which of the following wildcard is not mostly used?
  • a) ? 
  • b) * 
  • c) # 
  • d) !

Q2: What is a collection of records matching parameters of a query called?
  • a) field 
  • b) record 
  • c) dynaset 
  • d) query

Q3: Which of the following is action query?
  • a) update query 
  • b) crosstab query 
  • c) parameter query 
  • d) select query

Q4: What is the use of copy structure command?
  • a) copy structure of an active database to new file 
  • b) copy contents of an active database to new file 
  • c) both a and b 
  • d) none of the above

Q5: Which of the following object extracts the subset of data?
  • a) form 
  • b) field 
  • c) query 
  • d) report

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