MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 47

Q1: What is the function of radio button?
  • a) to select multiple options
  • b) to select single option
  • c) to select all option
  • d) all of the above

Q2: Which of the following is used to provide the sight information to the right person at the right time for proper decision making?
  • a) MIS
  • b) PSO
  • c) DBMS
  • d) ISO

Q3: Which option will allow to view a field at the left even table scrolled to right having many fields?
  • a) filter
  • b) unhide
  • c) freeze
  • d) scroll

Q4: Which records are displayed by setting ‘Filter by selection’?
  • a) that match the criteria specified
  • b) that match the selected field
  • c) both a and b
  • d) none of the above

Q5: Which of the following must be unique within a database?
  • a) table
  • b) field
  • c) record
  • d) none of above

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