MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 5

Q1: What kind of data is kept in memo field?
  • a) hyperlink 
  • b) sound 
  • c) remarks 
  • d) picture

Q2: A type of key that can hold unique type of data.
  • a) primary key 
  • b) composite key 
  • c) foreign key 
  • d) none of above

Q3: Which is the object of MS-Access that is used to generate hard copy of result?
  • a) table 
  • b) query 
  • c) form 
  • d) report

Q4: Which of the following field property is used to set alternative field name?
  • a) required 
  • b) attribute 
  • c) index 
  • d) caption

Q5: In MS-Access data are stored in .......
  • a) form 
  • b) query 
  • c) table 
  • d) all of the above

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