MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 6

Q1: Which of the following is not subtype of number data type?
  • a) bit 
  • b) byte 
  • c) integer 
  • d) precision

Q2: Which is not a data type of MS-Access?
  • a) number 
  • b) text 
  • c) memo 
  • d) form

Q3: Primary key field contains ....
  • a) unique value 
  • b) null value 
  • c) numbers only 
  • d) all of the above

Q4: Which is the data type used only for integer value?
  • a) text 
  • b) currency 
  • c) number 
  • d) OLE

Q5: Large collection of files are called .....
  • a) fields 
  • b) records 
  • c) database 
  • d) file system

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