MS-Access (Online Practice) Page 9

Q1: Size of database are usually measures in terms of
  • a) terabyte 
  • b) megabyte 
  • c) kilobyte 
  • d) gigabyte

Q2: How a table structure can be modified in?
  • a) datasheet view 
  • b) wizard 
  • c) design view 
  • d) none of them

Q3: Which value can contain in the primary key?
  • a) null 
  • b) no null 
  • c) number 
  • d) text

Q4: The column in access of table is called
  • a) field 
  • b) record 
  • c) text 
  • d) all of them

Q5: How to make a date field DOB to store the dates like “2010/06/01”?
  • a) by setting the input mask property to “yyyy/mm/dd” 
  • b) by setting the format property to “yyyy/mm/dd” 
  • c) by entering dates in yyyy,mm,dd order 
  • d) none of above

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