MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 10

Q1: Which one is the shortcut key to move into the next sheet?
  • a) page up
  • b) page down
  • c) ctrl + page up
  • d) ctrl + page down

Q2: Which one is not a table property?
  • a) cell
  • b) column
  • c) line
  • d) row

Q3: What is a special marker called that appears at the upper right corner of the active cell?
  • a) text
  • b) formula
  • c) cell
  • d) comment

Q4: Where is the current cell address displayed?
  • a) formula bar
  • b) status bar
  • c) name box
  • d) title bar

Q5: What is the intersection point of cell and row called?
  • a) a box
  • b) a block
  • c) a cell
  • d) a worksheet

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