MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 21

Q1: Which one is used to play back the records of a sequence of keystrokes and mouse actions?
  • a) media player
  • b) macro recorder
  • c) sound recorder
  • d) any one of the above

Q2: Which one is used to edit a chart object?
  • a) drag the chart
  • b) click the chart
  • c) double click the chart
  • d) triple click the chart

Q3: What is the best use of MS Excel?
  • a) spreadsheet management
  • b) word processing
  • c) payroll and balance sheet
  • d) data processing

Q4: What is the maximum number of rows a worksheet can have (in 2007)?
  • a) 256
  • b) 1024
  • c) 16,384
  • d) 65,536

Q5: The formula in MS Excel starts with
  • a) / (divide) 
  • b) = (equals to) 
  • c) + (plus) 
  • d) any one of the above

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