MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 23

Q1: Which allows expanding or collapsing rows in the worksheet?
  • a) expand symbol
  • b) row level symbol
  • c) collapse symbol
  • d) row expand and collapse symbol

Q2: Which one is used to display macro dialog box?
  • a) ctrl + m
  • b) alt + F8
  • c) ctrl + F8
  • d) shift + F8

Q3: What is the shortcut key for selection of entire pivot table record?
  • a) ctrl + A
  • b) ctrl + alt + A
  • c) ctrl + shift + *
  • d) ctrl + alt + *

Q4: What is the function inside another function called?
  • a) loop function
  • b) nested function
  • c) round function
  • d) text function

Q5: What is the green triangle shown in the left up corner of the cell?
  • a) comment
  • b) green tag
  • c) smart tag
  • d) all of the above

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