MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 25

Q1: Which one is shortcut key for selecting the whole spreadsheet?
  • a) ctrl + alt + A
  • b) alt + A
  • c) ctrl + A
  • d) shift + A

Q2: Which colors should be avoid using in text and in background together?
  • a) yellow and blue
  • b) red and green
  • c) black and white
  • d) red and yellow

Q3: When the fill-effects in the format data series dialog box is used, which cannot be done?
  • a) add interest to a chart
  • b) rotates text on the chart
  • c) help explain the chart data
  • d) all of the above

Q4: What is the extended series of the initial entry Jan using auto fill?
  • a) January
  • b) uary
  • c) Jan1, Jan2, Jan3
  • d) Feb, Mar, Apr

Q5: Excel ignores data validation rule if data is ______ the office clipboard.
  • a) copied from
  • b) cut from
  • c) pasted from
  • d) validated on

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