MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 3

Q1: Sorting is used for which of the following?
  • a) text
  • b) date
  • c) number
  • d) all of the above

Q2: Which key is used to edit cell content?
  • a) F1
  • b) F2
  • c) F3
  • d) F5

Q3: Which one is not related to MS Excel?
  • a) cell
  • b) row
  • c) document
  • d) formula

Q4: Which one is used to convert existing Excel worksheet data and chart to on HTML document?
  • a) internet wizard
  • b) internet assistant wizard
  • c) FTP wizard
  • d) import wizard

Q5: Which one is not available in paste special dialog box?
  • a) add
  • b) subtract
  • c) divide
  • d) SQRT

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