MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 41

Q1: Which one is equal to using the SUM function?
  • a) ADD
  • b) COUNT
  • c) AutoSum
  • d) AddSum

Q2: Which one is the next name for middle value?
  • a) mode
  • b) median
  • c) center
  • d) relative

Q3: What information is given by a red triangle at the top right corner of a cell?
  • a) there is comment associated with the cell
  • b) there is an error in the cell
  • c) the font color of the text is red in printing
  • d) there is error in formula

Q4: Which one is a rectangular area that labels the markers or symbols used in a chart?
  • a) legent
  • b) chart area
  • c) x-axis
  • d) y-axix

Q5: Which one is used to group rows or column?
  • a) ctrl + G
  • b) ctrl + D
  • c) alt + shift + right arrow
  • d) alt + shift + left arrow

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