MS-Excel (Online Practice) Page 6

Q1: Which one is shortcut key to unhide row?
  • a) ctrl + shift + (
  • b) ctrl + 0
  • c) alt + (
  • d) ctrl + alt + (

Q2: To move one slice of a pie chart away from the pie creates
  • a) exploded pie chart
  • b) spontaneous pie chart
  • c) perfect pie chart
  • d) exponential pie chart

Q3: Which one indicates a manual page break in Excel?
  • a) solid blue line
  • b) dashed blue line
  • c) dashed red line
  • d) all of the above

Q4: Which of the following will not change the location of the active cell?
  • a) scrolling
  • b) drag and drop
  • c) press arrow keys
  • d) press tab key

Q5: Excel is an electronic version of
  • a) database
  • b) expression
  • c) spreadsheet
  • d) formula

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