MS-Powerpoint (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: Which file format can be added to PowerPoint?
  • a) .wav
  • b) .jpg
  • c) .mp3
  • d) all of the above

Q2: What is done to add a slide to an existing presentation?
  • a) add new file
  • b) insert new slide
  • c) open slide
  • d) exit slide

Q3: On which slide the logo is inserted to appear it on the same position on every slide automatically?
  • a) slide master
  • b) handout master
  • c) notes master
  • d) every slide

Q4: Which one of the following is present in slide show option?
  • a) meeting reminder command
  • b) navigation command
  • c) transition command
  • d) speaker notes command

Q5: Which is the default page setup orientation for footnote pages, outlines and handouts?
  • a) landscape
  • b) portrait
  • c) vertical
  • d) need to select

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