MS-Powerpoint (Online Practice) Page 10

Q1: Which effect can be used for the slide background?
  • a) gradient
  • b) texture
  • c) picture
  • d) all of the above

Q2: Which option is used to change the font on all the slides with another font?
  • a) change fonts
  • b) replace fonts
  • c) ctrl + H
  • d) all of the above

Q3: Which one is used to enter speaker comments?
  • a) notes page view
  • b) slide show
  • c) normal
  • d) slide sorter

Q4: Which one is used to draw a perfect shape?
  • a) ctrl
  • b) alt
  • c) shift
  • d) all of the above

Q5: Which option is not available when printing handouts?
  • a) three slides per page
  • b) four slides per page
  • c) five slides per page
  • d) six slides per page

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