MS-Powerpoint (Online Practice) Page 14

Q1: Where is the values displayed on the chart?
  • a) title area
  • b) x-axis
  • c) y-axis
  • d) legend

Q2: Which view is best to use when setting transition effects for all slides?
  • a) slide sorter view
  • b) master view
  • c) outline view
  • d) note page view

Q3: Which option is used to add times to the slides in presentation?
  • a) slice show menu
  • b) slide transition button
  • c) rehearse timing button
  • d) custom animation

Q4: Which option is selected if the system on which presentation is to be used has no PowerPoint installed?
  • a) save the presentation as web page
  • b) save the presentation as PowerPoint show
  • c) copy the PowerPoint software
  • d) all of the above

Q5: Shortcut key to insert a new slide in the current presentation.
  • a) ctrl + N
  • b) ctrl + M
  • c) ctrl + O
  • d) ctrl + P

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