MS-Powerpoint (Online Practice) Page 2

Q1: Which format is used to display dollars on an axis?
  • a) percentage
  • b) currency
  • c) normal
  • d) all of the above

Q2: Where is spelling and thesaurus located?
  • a) home
  • b) insert
  • c) view
  • d) review

Q3: Which one of the following feature is available in custom animation?
  • a) master slide
  • b) transition
  • c) color schemes
  • d) all of the above

Q4: Which slide show option is not available to the presenter?
  • a) speaker notes
  • b) navigation
  • c) transitions
  • d) meeting minder

Q5: Which one is used to run power point slide in another computer program not having powerpoint?
  • a) save and go
  • b) export
  • c) pack and go
  • d) all of the above

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