MS-Powerpoint (Online Practice) Page 9

Q1: Which of the following presentation element can be modified using the slide master?
  • a) slide transitions
  • b) slide comments
  • c) ctrl + A
  • d) all of the above

Q2: What is the slide called that is used to introduce a topic of the presentation?
  • a) bullet slide
  • b) graph slide
  • c) title slide
  • d) all of the above

Q3: Which option is used to preview the custom animation?
  • a) click play button
  • b) press F5 button
  • c) both a and b
  • d) none of the above

Q4: Which one is used to select more than one slide in a presentation?
  • a) shift + click each slide
  • b) ctrl + click each slide
  • c) alt + click each slide
  • d) all of the above

Q5: Which one is done in order to delete an object?
  • a) select the object
  • b) double click the object
  • c) press ctrl + A
  • d) all of the above

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