MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 10

Q1: In MS word, hard page break appears as
  • a) dotted lines
  • b) dotted lines with words “Page break”
  • c) dotted lines with “hard page bread”
  • d) single line

Q2: Which one is used to change formatted text into normal?
  • a) alt+spacebar
  • b) ctrl+spacebar
  • c) shift+spacebar
  • d) ctrl+shift+spacebar

Q3: What is the range of heading level in MS word?
  • a) 0-90
  • b) 1-9
  • c) 0-10
  • d) 0-6

Q4: Which option provides user to create separate document format or layouts?
  • a) create page break
  • b) create section break
  • c) text wrapping
  • d) all

Q5: Auto text and auto correct tools are called as _____ tool.
  • a) styling
  • b) editing
  • c) designing
  • d) formatting

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