Ms-Word (Online Practice) Page 27

Q1: How to modify the default folder for saving document?
  • a) under options, file location tab
  • b) under option, printer
  • c) under option, my document
  • d) all

Q2: Footnotes, endnotes etc. are inserted as
  • a) hyperlinks
  • b) word fields
  • c) cross references
  • d) bookmarks

Q3: What is the maximum font size shown on font size box?
  • a) 48
  • b) 72
  • c) 100
  • d) 200

Q4: What is macro?
  • a) records frequently repeated action
  • b) backup utility
  • c) playing object
  • d) all

Q5: What is the use of OLE?
  • a) to open link
  • b) to embed other files
  • c) to delete link
  • d) to preview document

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