MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 39

Q1: Which short cut keys combination is used to select all the text after current cursor position?
  • a) ctrl + End
  • b) ctrl + down arrow
  • c) shift + end
  • d) shift + down arrow

Q2: Which of the following is not available in font dialog box?
  • a) bold
  • b) italic
  • c) font color
  • d) alignment

Q3: What will happen when ctrl + P is pressed?
  • a) display print dialog box
  • b) print the first page
  • c) print all pages
  • d) print the current page

Q4: Which of the following is not a font style?
  • a) regular
  • b) bold
  • c) italics
  • d) superscript

Q5: Which is the default measure unit of ruler?
  • a) millimeter
  • b) centimeter
  • c) inch
  • d) point

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