MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 47

Q1: The default margin set up found in MS Word (2003).
  • a) 1 inch for all sides
  • b) 1.25 inch for left and right and 1.50 inch for top and bottom
  • c) 1.25 inch for all sides
  • d) 1.50 inch for left and right and 1.25 inch for top and bottom

Q2: ClipArt can be inserted into
  • a) MS Word
  • b) MS Excel
  • c) MS PowerPoint
  • d) all

Q3: Which of the following deletes text before, or to the left, of the insertion point?
  • a) delete
  • b) backspace
  • c) left arrow
  • d) right arrow

Q4: The bold is the ..........
  • a) font style
  • b) text style
  • c) font effect
  • d) font size

Q5: What is the thesaurus used for?
  • a) opposite word 
  • b) check spelling
  • c) synonyms and antonyms
  • d) all 

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