MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 48

Q1: Which of the following enables to make multiple changes in a document at once?
  • a) find command
  • b) replace command
  • c) auto correct command
  • d) all

Q2: How to insert sound file in word?
  • a) insert ->object
  • b) insert->sound
  • c) insert->file
  • d) all

Q3: Which of the following feature is available in WordPad program?
  • a) spell checker
  • b) thesaurus
  • c) ability to format text
  • d) word art

Q4: Which one used to undo the last action?
  • a) Ctrl + Z
  • b) Ctrl + V
  • c) Ctrl + U
  • d) Alt + Z

Q5: What is the use of header and footer in document?
  • a) to have header and footer on document on printing
  • b) to make large document more readable
  • c) To indicate the starting and ending of page
  • d) all

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