MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 52

Q1: To add watermark in the background, which one should be clicked?
  • a) watermark
  • b) page color
  • c) print preview
  • d) effects

Q2: Which of the following is not available in paragraph?
  • a) single
  • b) double
  • c) triple
  • d) multiple

Q3: To delete one word right to the cursor.
  • a) ctrl + left arrow
  • b) ctrl + backspace
  • c) ctrl + delete
  • d) ctrl + enter

Q4: For which of the following the drag and drop method is used?
  • a) copy
  • b) move
  • c) delete
  • d) paste

Q5: Which of the following is used to recall the document saved?
  • a) copy
  • b) open
  • c) paste
  • d) save as

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