MS-Word (Online Practice) Page 6

Q1: The shortcut key to underline a word is
  • a) ctrl + U
  • b) ctrl + D
  • c) alt + shift + w
  • d) ctrl + shift + w

Q2: What is feature called that moves the text to the next line automatically when it reaches the right edge of the screen?
  • a) justify
  • b) center align
  • c) page setup
  • d) word wrap

Q3: Which of the following is best for quick copy operation?
  • a) copy and paste
  • b) cut and paste
  • c) drag and drop
  • d) clipboard

Q4: Which of the following identifies poorly worded sentences?
  • a) spelling checker
  • b) grammar checker
  • c) number checker
  • d) thesaurus

Q5: What is the extension of word pad?
  • a) .doc
  • b) .txt
  • c) .rtf
  • d) .xls

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