Multimedia (Online Practice) Page 4

Q1: Which of the following are used in multimedia system?
  • a) text, audio
  • b) text, video
  • c) text, graphic, audio, video
  • d) text, graphic, sound

Q2: Which of the following is not component of multimedia?
  • a) animation
  • b) graphics
  • c) sound
  • d) pixel

Q3: Which of the following is not multimedia hardware?
  • a) HDD
  • b) graphics card
  • c) LCD Screen
  • d) video converter

Q4: Which of the following is not graphic format?
  • a) .GIF
  • b) .JPEG
  • c) .PNG
  • d) .IMG

Q5: Multimedia technology is used in ......
  • a) education
  • b) business
  • c) game
  • d) all of the above

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