Operating System (Online Practice) Page 1

Q1: Linux is ..... operating system.
  • a) Microsoft
  • b) Mac
  • c) open source
  • d) all

Q2: Where is BIOS used in?
  • a) application software
  • b) operating software
  • c) compiler
  • d) assembler

Q3: Which of the following transforms one interface into other interface?
  • a) program
  • b) software
  • c) CPU
  • d) hard disk

Q4: Which of the following is not correct to virtual memory?
  • a) virtual memory is also called temporary memory
  • b) any amount of RAM can be allocated to virtual memory
  • c) virtual memory may be space on hard disk
  • d) virtual memory can be manually changed

Q5: Which one is not layer of operating system?
  • a) kernel
  • b) shell
  • c) application program
  • d) critical section

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