Operating System (Online Practice) Page 16

Q1: The two major types of software are
  • a) application and system
  • b) virus and antivirus
  • c) system and design
  • d) application and design

Q2: As Operating System is best described as
  • a) software
  • b) firmware
  • c) driver
  • d) hardware

Q3: Which of the following is a multiprocessing system?
  • a) OS/2
  • b) windows
  • c) amiga
  • d) all

Q4: Which command is used to delete all the files in the root directory of drive A:?
  • a) del A:\
  • b) del *.* A
  • c) A:\del
  • d) erase *.*

Q5: Which symbol is used with MORE command?
  • a) / 
  • b) \ 
  • c) * 
  • d) ! (pipe)

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