Operating System (Online Practice) Page 17

Q1: Which one is invalid symbol for the file name?
  • a) / 
  • b) @ 
  • c) # 
  • d) $

Q2: Which command allows creating logical drive?
  • a) subset
  • b) patch 
  • c) batch 
  • d) sort

Q3: Which command is used to duplicate the entire diskette?
  • a) copy 
  • b) diskcopy 
  • c) chkdsk 
  • d) format

Q4: Which of the following enables the user to load devices drivers and program into upper memory area while running DOS in 386 or higher microprocessor?
  • a) himem.sys 
  • b) emm386.exe 
  • c) config.sys 
  • d) all

Q5: Which command is used to see the status of the disk?
  • a) chkdsk 
  • b) format 
  • c) label 
  • d) vol

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