Operating System (Online Practice) Page 22

Q1: Which is the user file that includes the several DOS commands?
  • a) batch file 
  • b) command.com 
  • c) config.sys 
  • d) system file

Q2: What is Dr. Watson?
  • a) diagnosis tool 
  • b) IT admin 
  • c) surgeon 
  • d) ISP provider

Q3: It is the object of windows that transfer the files from one system to other in windows.
  • a) my document 
  • b) briefcase 
  • c) clip board 
  • d) recycle bin

Q4: Which one is not system tool?
  • a) scandisk 
  • b) backup 
  • c) folder 
  • d) format

Q5: The BIOS is present in
  • a) hard disk 
  • b) CPU 
  • c) ROM 
  • d) RAM

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