Operating System (Online Practice) Page 25

Q1: Which of the following is example of internet operating system of the future?
  • a) E-speak 
  • b) Jini
  • c) Microsoft.net 
  • d) all of the above

Q2: Which key completes previous command in prompt?
  • a) F1 
  • b) F2 
  • c) F3 
  • d) F4

Q3: Which type of command in DOS need additional files for their execution?
  • a) internal command 
  • b) external command 
  • c) batch command 
  • d) all

Q4:What is the feature of windows called that automatically configure a new hardware component?
  • a) auto installation 
  • b) plug and play 
  • c) drive installation 
  • d) found new hardware

Q5: It is the character that represents one of more unknown character is called
  • a) question mark (?) 
  • b) wildcard character 
  • c) file name 
  • d) all

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