Operating System (Online Practice) Page 26

Q1: Where are fonts located?
  • a) C:\font 
  • b) C:\program files\font 
  • c) C:\windows\font 
  • d) c:\my computer\font

Q2: Which of the following is loaded in safe mode?
  • a) keyboard driver 
  • b) mouse driver 
  • c) VGA driver 
  • d) all

Q3: The part of windows file system that keeps track of where data are stored on disk is called as
  • a) sector 
  • b) FAT 
  • c) cluster 
  • d) track

Q4: Which one is called the supervisor of computer activity?
  • a) computer operator 
  • b) OS 
  • c) CPU 
  • d) antivirus

Q5: Unicode standard is
  • a) software 
  • b) font 
  • c) character encoding system 
  • d) keyboard layout

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