Operating System (Online Practice) Page 27

Q1: When was MS DOS introduced?
  • a) 1970 
  • b) 1981 
  • c) 1999 
  • d) 2000

Q2: Which command is used to provide access to program located in other directory or disks?
  • a) tree 
  • b) path 
  • c) cd 
  • d) locate

Q3: Which command is used to remove sub directory with some files?
  • a) rd 
  • b) rmdir 
  • c) erase 
  • d) deltree

Q4: Which command is used to recover accidentally deleted files in DOS?
  • a) undelete 
  • b) restore 
  • c) delete/cancel 
  • d) all

Q5: Which of the following feature can be accessed from the start menu?
  • a) help 
  • b) windows explorer 
  • c) network 
  • d) all

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