Operating System (Online Practice) Page 33

Q1: Which one is used to display the start menu?
  • a) F1 
  • b) Alt + Esc 
  • b) Ctrl + Esc 
  • d) Alt + S

Q2: Start button is used to
  • a) start the program 
  • b) turn off the computer 
  • c) open control panel 
  • d) all

Q3: Which of the following is not happened during POST?
  • a) scandisk utility runs 
  • b) video card and video memory test 
  • c) BIOS identification process 
  • d) all

Q4: Which OS was initially created in the early 1970s at AT and T’s Bell Lab?
  • a) DOS 
  • b) LINUX 
  • c) GNU 
  • d) UNIX

Q5: Which windows program is used to manage folders and files?
  • a) control panel
  • b) windows accessories 
  • c) windows explorer 
  • d) internet explorer

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