Operating System (Online Practice) Page 34

Q1: In which of the following, the user name is displayed on the screen.
  • a) command screen 
  • b) desktop screen 
  • c) welcome screen 
  • d) log off screen

Q2: Which one is used to reset the date & time?
  • a) calendar 
  • b) control panel 
  • c) display setting 
  • d) program manager

Q3: How many characters can be entered in a single command line?
  • a) 55 
  • b) 64 
  • c) 127 
  • d) 255

Q4: Which command is used to display the file and directory names only without size date and time information?
  • a) dir/ah 
  • b) dir/b 
  • c) dir/s 
  • d) all

Q5: Which menu bar selection is used to rearrange disorganized icons in a window’s pane?
  • a) view 
  • b) pane 
  • c) window 
  • d) all

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