Operating System (Online Practice) Page 35

Q1: Which of the following is used to view and manage the contents of computer?
  • a) my computer 
  • b) windows explorer 
  • c) internet explorer 
  • d) all

Q2: Which of the following is used to switch tasks in windows?
  • a) Alt + Tab 
  • b) Alt + F4 
  • c) Alt + enter 
  • d) Ctrl + Tab

Q3: Which key is used to display system boot menu?
  • a) F1 
  • b) F5 
  • c) F8 
  • d) F10

Q4: Which switch is used to make sure that the copy command copied files correctly?
  • a) /v 
  • b) /s 
  • c) /c 
  • d) /p

Q5: Which of the following is best tool for fixing the errors?
  • a) scandisk 
  • b) fdisk 
  • c) chkdsk 
  • d) fixdisk

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