Operating System (Online Practice) Page 36

Q1: Where is the date & time displayed on?
  • a) taskbar 
  • b) status bar 
  • c) system tray 
  • d) all

Q2: Small pictures on the desktop representing file, program etc. is known as
  • a) button 
  • b) icon 
  • c) my computer 
  • d) pictures

Q3: Where is virtual memory typically located?
  • a) RAM 
  • b) hard drive 
  • c) CD 
  • d) ROM

Q4: Which is the most important directory on the operating system?
  • a) program file directory 
  • b) root directory 
  • c) windows directory 
  • d) account directory

Q5: Which is not utility program?
  • a) backup 
  • b) xcopy 
  • c) data recovery 
  • d) scandisk

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