Operating System (Online Practice) Page 39

Q1: What does booting refer?
  • a) installing program for first time 
  • b) starting computer 
  • c) removing bugs 
  • d) shutting computer

Q2: Where is permanent path defined in DOS?
  • b) command.com 
  • c) IO.SYS 
  • d) config.sys

Q3: Which of the following is lack in open source OS in comparison to proprietary version OS?
  • a) free use and distribution 
  • b) modifying of code 
  • c) source code is available 
  • d) easy technical support

Q4: Which of the following runs on computer hardware and serves as a platform for other system to run?
  • a) device driver 
  • b) operating system 
  • c) system software 
  • d) application software

Q5: What is swapping means?
  • a) working best with many small partitions 
  • b) allowing each program in turn to use the memory 
  • c) allowing many programs to use memory simultaneously 
  • d) all

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