Operating System (Online Practice) Page 4

Q1: It is the memory resident portion of operating system.
  • a) CMOS
  • b) registry
  • c) kernel
  • d) all

Q2: Which is not internal command?
  • a) DIR
  • b) CD
  • c) EDIT
  • d) CLS

Q3: The underlined word/character on the menu of dialog box is known as
  • a) hot spot
  • b) hot key
  • c) short key
  • d) underline key

Q4: Which of the following is used to close the active window?
  • a) Ctrl + F4
  • b) ctrl + esc
  • c) F4
  • d) alt + F4

Q5: Which command is used to return to windows from DOS?
  • a) quit
  • b) exit
  • c) cls
  • d) prompt

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