Operating System (Online Practice) Page 45

Q1: Which of the following provides information about the hardware installation, configuration and status?
  • a) control panel 
  • b) device manager 
  • c) properties 
  • d) program manager

Q2: Which is shortcut key to open properties window of the selected item?
  • a) ctrl + enter 
  • b) alt + enter 
  • c) shift + enter 
  • d) ctrl + space

Q3: Find is used to
  • a) locate a document 
  • b) locate a program 
  • c) locate a network computer 
  • d) all

Q4: Which one is used to switch between the window programs?
  • a) alt+F4 
  • b) alt + tab 
  • c) ctrl + tab 
  • d) alt + enter

Q5: It is the operating feature that integrates the file created in different application into webpage.
  • a) internet integration 
  • b) web integration 
  • c) hypertext integration 
  • d) all

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